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Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud. And we get the most out of this technology for you.

Managing your Digital DNA

Cloud Managed Service Provider

Move your IT infrastructure to the cloud. And we get the most out of this technology for you.

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Partner of the Year Awards

glueckkanja-gab wins
Accelerate Trust

Microsoft has awarded glueckkanja-gab the renowned Accelerate Trust as part of the Partner of the Year Awards. The company scored with the introduction and operation of security platform solutions at leading energy suppliers and makes an important contribution to IT security and thus to supply security in Germany with its services "Made in Germany".
Security Elite Honored during RSA 2023

Top-5 MSSPs Worldwide – Security Elite Honored during RSA 2023

glueckkanja-gab has secured an impressive top 5 spot in the highly competitive Security MSSP of the Year category at the 2023 Microsoft Security Excellence Awards. This prestigious award is a testament to the tireless dedication and expertise of our Cloud Security Operations Center (CSOC), as well as the groundbreaking innovations behind our MXDR service offering.
Client Stories
Efficient implementation of the DEKRA Cloud First Journey with DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)
In collaboration with Microsoft, various video case studies have been created as part of our '100% Cloud' Blueprint. Learn more about the glueckkanja-gab success stories from the energy industry, logistics and education.
Consulting Services

Consulting Services

Our Consulting Services focus on the most important topics for our customers: Modern Workplace, Azure Datacenter, Transformation Services and DevOps. You will work hand-in-hand with our experts who will show you the best practices and guidelines for a successful implementation. With our deep technical expertise, we ensure your cloud environment is efficient, secure, and powerful.
Managed Services

Managed Services

Benefit from our Managed Services for Microsoft 365, Azure and Cloud Security: We support you around the clock and ensure with our services that your cloud infrastructure is reliably available and taken care of. In addition, CSOC Managed Service provides regular security reports with insights into potential areas of improvement and guarantees fast 24x7 response times for all types of security incidents.
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glueckkanja-gab builds innovative digital solutions to complement Microsoft products and technologies, making the implementation of complete cloud migrations possible in the first place. In RealmJoin you will find efficient software distribution of complex Windows applications. With Konnekt, you can fully map the exchange of existing file servers. SCEPman distributes certificates to end devices quickly and easily.
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