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Our fast track into the cloud

The 6 R's of Cloud Migration

The key to a successful cloud migration is a careful consideration and planning. The 6 R's are an indispensable tool for structuring and communicating your migration process.

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6 R's Diagram

Rehosting is often referred to als Lift & Shift. It's the easiest way to move your on-premises IT infrastructure to the cloud as it requires the fewest changes to your workloads and ways of working.

A replatform migration is similar to rehosting applications in the cloud, but involves some changes to the application to take advantage of the new cloud infrastructure. However, they do not change the core architecture.

Refactoring involves moving applications to the cloud infrastructure while rebuilding them to fit better in the cloud environment. This can add functionality, scale and performance that would otherwise be difficult to achieve in the existing environment.

Many standard applications are already available today as Software as a Service (SaaS). As a result, many customers stop managing their installed applications in their legacy infrastructure and instead use these applications as SaaS.

Some applications are no longer needed at all. Therefore, it is important to identify these applications before migrating to the cloud so that you do not end up spending unnecessary effort on an application that has no added value for your business.

Finally, there may be applications in your inventory that are critical to your business but require major refactoring before migration. These applications are initially reset and revisited at a later date.