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The right foundation for a stable underground

Landing Zones with Azure Foundation

You can not see them, but without them nothing works. Foundations need to be well planned, as only on a stable foundation you can build walls.

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glueckkanja-gab Azure Foundation

Why do you need a foundation?

The cloud offers many useful and success-critical tools for product and process digitization. Despite massive time pressure, companies face the challenge of putting the cloud on a secure and sustainable foundation. With Azure Foundation, glueckkanja-gab offers the collection of Azure Landing Zone architectures and best practices from many successfully implemented projects. Automation and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) deployment ensure a fast implementation.

Client Stories
DEKRA Casestudy
Efficient implementation of the DEKRA Cloud First Journey with DevOps and Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

  • Tenant setup
  • Organization of management groups and subscriptions
  • Development and application of the tagging strategy
  • Definition and implementation of the naming convention

  • Creation of a dedicated audit log
  • Automating the Azure monitoring
  • Using and configuring Azure Cost Management

  • Introduction of dedicated logical units for a workload or application
  • Enable multi-stage deployments (production - non-production)
  • Including predefined resources and metadata

  • Pre-selection of built-in Azure policies
  • Application of customer-specific policies
  • Integration of Azure Security Center

  • Hub spoke topology with built-in scaling automation
  • Central point of control for internal network traffic with Azure Firewall
  • Predefined components that enable and control entry and exit

  • Backup automation for VMs and blob storage
  • Update and patch management
  • Automatic cleaning

  • Workload access controlled by automation, RBAC and Azure AD
  • Implementation of a secure bastion/jump host model

  • Templates and functions in source code control
  • Pipeline deployment with test automation and quality gates
  • Work item tracking with boards

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