Shape Azure Application Assessment
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Cloud Application Assessment

Evaluate your infrastructure for cloud capability, migration risk, and cloud utility

Shape Azure Application Assessment
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Is your application landscape cloud-ready?

The biggest challenges in cloud transformation projects arise from the complexity of the application landscape and the amount of technical security, business and compliance requirements. Which applications are cloud-ready? Which are too risky to move to the public cloud and which should be modernized on-premise? This is where our cloud experts rely on the power of the Txture Cloud Transformation Platform. Txture covers the entire cloud transformation process from discovery, assessment, planning and migration to managing and optimizing your multi-cloud IT landscape. The platform helps you capture data from your existing IT system landscapes and identifies the right migration and modernization approach (6R's), taking into account the business, security, compliance and technical requirements of each application.

We enable enterprises to move to the cloud quickly and securely by providing a unique cloud transformation and optimization technology.
The Cloud Assessment function collects data about applications and their tech stack to calculate technical readiness, cloud business value, and migration risk. With a comprehensive assessment process, you can make far-reaching migration decisions that significantly reduce migration risk while increasing speed.
Txture takes all the applications that are in-scope for a cloud move and helps you to plan their migration in waves. It is crucial to plan migrations based on criteria and relationships. Txture makes it easy to find out which applications are run in the same data centers and which applications have the same cloud service providers, and then recommends similar migration strategies and waves.