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Cloud Competence Center

With a high level of readiness in the IT organization, the cloud is at the forefront - with teams aligned to a modern operating model.

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Cloud Center of Excellence

Why is the establishment of a Cloud Competence Center crucial?

IT organizations must constantly adapt to meet the complex, ever-changing demands of the market. This applies in particular to the issues surrounding the cloud. We therefore recommend that you set up a Cloud Competence Center to provide you with technical and methodical support for your future cloud projects. It helps you to break down barriers in the development and use of cloud solutions. It also creates trust and the necessary conditions for the secure processing of data in all cloud services.

Cloud Competence Center

Build a modern IT organization by capturing and implementing business requirements with agile approaches.

Create reusable deployment packages that fully comply with security, compliance, and service management policies.

Define, maintain and develop application blueprints, policies, principles and standards for the cloud platform.

Keep deployed applications running efficiently and reliably with automation solutions.

Ensure proper knowledge sharing within the organization by defining and scaling best practices, assets, processes, etc.

Provides support and guidance for deploying and using the cloud according to principles such as cost effectiveness.