What's allowed and what's not?

Covid Regulations

Please observe the following rules to make your stay in the offices as safe as possible.

shape covid rules

Office booking

All stays at the Offenbach office can be booked in advance via our app. This way we avoid overcrowding. If a stay has not been booked in advance, please make sure to book later.

Corona App

We ask you to install the Corona App. It will help to determine whether we have come into contact with an infected person and whether there is a risk of infection. In this way, chains of infection can be broken more quickly.


Please wear a mask on the way to and from your workplace. You do not need to wear a mask at the workplace itself, as we can guarantee sufficient distance.

Floor plan

The floor plan shows how many people are allowed to work or stay in a room or an area for a longer period of time. All employees should be distributed according to the plan to the available places.

Fresh air

Please provide fresh air on a regular basis, especially if there are several people in the large room. This should be done either by wide open windows for several minutes or by cross-ventilation. As a rule of thumb we recommend at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Allgemeine Regeln

Please also inform yourself about the current regulations in your city or community. As a general rule, follow the AHA+AL rules - keep your distance, observe hygiene, wear an mask, use the Corona warning app and ensure that rooms are ventilated regularly. Disinfectants and masks are available in the offices.