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Managed Workplace

The Managed Workplace is our Workplace-as-a-Service for the ideal and secure provision of workplaces that can comprehensively use all Microsoft 365 and identity services, regardless of location and with state-of-the-art technologies.

Security Consulting
Managed Workplace
Innovation and security as a managed service

Delivering state-of-the-art workplaces globally

It's time to break free from old IT traditions and accelerate digital progress in your business. Renew your workstations and data center and discover new and efficient ways of using them without the obstacles of typical innovation brakes in the form of outdated software or outmoded security models. User-unfriendly and self-service (optional) Windows (or Apple) systems that can be easily and quickly deployed to take full advantage of the Microsoft 365 Cloud, while running always up-to-date software and security.

Managed Workplace
Work from anywhere

Fully secured from the cloud

Technically, we work with Azure AD identities and Windows Hello on Windows Enterprise clients protected with the Microsoft 365 Defender full-stack cloud security platform. Provided by provisioning Windows on autopilot in RealmJoin, which automates and streamlines most of the most time-consuming IT tasks so IT can work on more important things. Rounded out by the use of MCAS, Conditional Access, Privileged Identity Management and Microsoft Information Protection to restrict sensitive information, but enable the information worker to be productive wherever they want to work — whether at headquarters or Starbucks.

Components of the Managed Workplace

Windows 10

Azure Active Directory

Microsoft Defender
for Endpoint

Endpoint Manager

Microsoft 365 Apps
for Enterprise