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Secure Networks with SCEPMAN

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol, SCEP for short, is primarily used today to supply mobile devices with certificates in the MDM environment and is the de facto standard. The protocol is based on HTTP and is therefore particularly suitable for cloud computing. Glueck & Kanja’s SCEPman is based on this, and in a Modern Workplace, is a Certification Authority (CA) directly in the cloud, which only distributes certificates via SCEP. As an Azure Web App Service, you won't have to manage a VM to operate, nor will you need any backup procedures. The CA certificate uses Microsoft Azure Key Vault, Microsoft's all-round solution for securing highly sensitive information. SCEPman sets up a Key Vault and CA certificate during installation, so running SCEPman successfully is quick and worry-free.

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SCEPman Certificate

The easy way to deploy device certificates with Intune

Our MVP Oliver Kieselbach published a guide on his blog how easy it is to provide device certificates on modern cloud-based clients and how to get certificates for devices even without Microsoft on-premises PKI.

Certificates' distribution with SCEPman

Zertifikatsverteilung über SCEPman

Simplified Cloud Infrastructure with SCEPman

Infrastructure with SCEPman


Certification Authority in the cloud

As part of our #GKMechanics series, Gerrit Reinke, Cloud Architect at Glueck & Kanja, introduces our SCEPman, the Certification Authority (CA) directly in the cloud. It gives you the opportunity to distribute cloud-based certificates completely detached from existing structures. SCEPman does not require any existing PKI environments, but these can be integrated if it makes sense. Technologically, SCEPman is completely based on Microsoft Azure technologies.