Store your data in Office 365


With KONNEKT you can work natively with your Office 365 data. On your desktop! Lightning fast. Completely without synchronization.


KONNEKT as Companion to Office 365 and OneDrive

Working with OneDrive and SharePoint online data is a great idea. But unfortunately not very useful if you have to synchronize everything between cloud and desktop. Not very comfortable and simply impossible in CITRIX and Terminal Services environments. KONNEKT makes all your data stored in the cloud a real part of the local file system. They appear like an additional drive. This is possible because KONNEKT does not synchronize your computer with the cloud. Instead, it connects the original files and brings them to your computer. You won't even notice a difference between working with your local files and working in the cloud.

As part of our Webcast Friday and GKGAB Mechanics series, our experts introduce KONNEKT.