Certificate distribution from the cloud


The Certification Authority (CA) directly in the cloud gives you the possibility to distribute cloud-based certificates completely detached from existing structures.

Cloud Certificates

Secure networks with SCEPman

Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol, short SCEP, is primarily used today to provide mobile devices with certificates in the MDM environment and is the current standard. The protocol is based on HTTP and is therefore particularly suitable for the cloud. Our glueckkanja-gab SCEPman is based on this and is a Certification Authority (CA) directly in the cloud in a Modern Workplace scenario, which only distributes certificates via SCEP. As an Azure Web App Service, there is no need to manage a VM to run it, nor is there a need for backup procedures. The CA certificate uses Microsoft Azure Key Vault - Microsoft's all-in-one solution for securing highly sensitive information. SCEPman sets up a Key Vault and CA certificate during installation, so you don't have to worry about anything to successfully start and run SCEPman.

As part of our Webcast Friday and GKGAB Mechanics series, our experts introduce SCEPman.