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Unified Contacts

Unified Contacts provides a unified search for the two most popular address books – Azure Active Directory as the corporate address book and Microsoft Exchange Online as the personal contact store.

Unified Contacts
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Have you already searched for contacts in Microsoft Teams in the wrong place? Have you tried to find your personal contacts in the search box, or your colleagues in the Teams contact store? Unified Contacts provides a unified search for the two most common address books – Azure Active Directory as your corporate address book, and Microsoft Exchange Online as your personal contact store. Unified Contacts displays the results of both searches in one single view. Both your corporate contacts, stored in Azure Directory, and your private contacts, stored in your Outlook contacts, are displayed as cards. Using Click-to-Dial, any stored number (office or cell phone) or Teams contact can be reached with a single click. With Unified Contacts you can find any contact you want in real-time. You do not have to wait for Teams to sync with Exchange.

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Intuitive and easy-to-use

The most important features of Unified Contacts are real-time and unified search for your corporate address book and personal contact store, and direct dialing for each contact found. Unified Contacts is therefore the ideal companion for Microsoft Teams. With Unified Contacts, Teams becomes more intuitive and easy to use, and your users are more productive.

Unified Contacts will soon be available as Community Edition and Enterprise Edition. The Community Edition is provided through glueckkanja-gab's own resources and is an easy option to give you the opportunity to try our solution for free.

The Enterprise Edition will be installed in your own Azure Tenant. This gives us more options to extend the app and make it even better. For example, in Q4/2021 we plan to allow you to search for contacts in other data sources, such as your CRM system.

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