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Grasping Potentials and
Utilizing Influence

We believe in a 100% Cloud world. Why you may ask? -Because that is where the future is heading towards. Why invest in complex, costly hybrid environments, if you could already throw old topics such as complex software distribution solutions or the uncontrolled growth of Third Party Software overboard? The working world, the habits of employees, the requirements for IT as well as security are changing rapidly. We will do our best to show you how your IT will help shape the future of your company.

100% Cloud at a Glance

Less Complexity

Our offer: With Microsoft 365 we provide the fully functional Modern Workplace in only two months. - no matter how large or intricate your infrastructure is. So why not use time and budget to build the Windows workstation in a future-oriented concept and use it within a short time? Your existing applications are of course still used and integrated, but they do no longer determine the design and the speed. Numerous customers have gone through with this route and are pleased with their results.

Goodbye Classic Software Distribution

Numerous companies that utilize the Cloud strategy are beginning to develop the new Windows workstation. Disillusion quickly occurs, as the new Windows 10 client must be created and distributed with considerable effort using classic solutions such as SCCM or Matrix42. This costs time, money and resources and is not very sustainable. We provide Windows 10 worldwide via Azure and Intune. We also gladly take over the complete management of your client applications as a service for you, so you never have to package applications again!

More Safe

IT security is defined today as protection for devices, identities, data and applications. But how many different IT security solutions do you need? Microsoft provides you with the provision and management of all components from a single source. Thus, security is more intelligent and centrally administrable. For example, protect your documents with RMS and track how users use these documents. Get information about your computer's security status and recognize unusual authentications at an early stage.

More Continuity & Automation

Microsoft 365 and 100% Cloud share a promise: once the infrastructure is up and running, major projects meant for the introduction of new version upgrades are no longer necessary. Windows, Office and the Platform itself are provided in accordance to the Evergreen-Ansatz approach. Microsoft has a completely new updated strategy implemented that will make your future work much easier. You will be able to control updates and new features and we will be happy to advice you on the use and further development of your Microsoft infrastructure.

Cleaning Up IT

Accessing applications in the company are like finding a grain of sand on the beach- but are these applications business critical? Many companies don’t realize that not all applications are truly needed. With 100% Cloud you have the chance to clean up and retrieve some extra space. We will help you with proven strategies to identify the important applications and to define a condensed catalogue of standard applications. These applications can be transferred to Azure, and we will take care of packaging and software distribution - worldwide.

Lower Costs

Migration project, which has been created over the past several years, will not burden your IT budget, tie down your teams, or require costly software updates. At the same time, you significantly reduce the number of third-party applications on your Windows clients and simplify IT management. For the packaging of your applications we offer you fixed prices and standard applications already in the basic scope.

Our Customers in the Future Workplace

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