Double is better than one; therefore, a second verification step is added to the password in the MFA. This reflects the constant growth in communication, data exchange and device use, and protects against negligent handling or targeted attacks. If you only use MFA for global administrators, this is free of charge, otherwise the billing is per user or per authentication.

MFA at a Glance

Password, Call, Message, Code & Co.

You can choose which security queries you want to combine, whether SMS, notification in a mobile app, call, and of course password. For example, after the usual password query, the user receives a call that triggers automatic forwarding to the desired program by pressing a key.

For the Cloud as Well as Locally

Azure MFA is already part of your Azure Active Directory. Once activated, you can use it for cloud apps like Office 365, web apps and virtual desktops, on-premises apps over VPN, or build your own applications with the Software Development Kit. Of course, MFA also works with your local AD..

Administration and Scalability

In the Azure Management Portal in the AD area you can quickly and easily create new MFA providers. If you use a Domain Joined Server, the MFA Server automatically connects to your AD. The users can be imported automatically, and authentication options can be assigned to groups as well as individual users.