In the 100% cloud strategy, branches without servers are becoming part of reality. Printers, however, have been the last missing piece of the puzzle. Windows print servers or expensive special solutions for 'Follow Me Printing' are still the standard here. With Printix, glueckkanja-gab has now found a solution that closes this gap: An Azure AD-based cloud platform for managing printers and queues but using existing printers locally and securely without a print server.

Printix at a Glance

Easy to Manage

Printix eliminates the need for physical print servers. All users, computers, and printers are centrally managed in the cloud, whether in the office or at home. Every printer can be added and assigned to the respective user.

No More irritating Printer Drivers

Forget about maintaining hundreds of printer drivers. Printix offers a large database of drivers and automatically distributes them to the clients. However, if a special driver is required, it can be uploaded to Printix.

Azure AD & Intune

Printix together with Azure Active Directory offers employees a simple login via single sign-on. No extra setup is required of users and clients. Only the Printix software must be installed on the computer, which can be deployed in a few minutes using Intune.