Up until now, Windows deployments have been extensive, lengthy, and costly. With Windows 10, this process is greatly simplified. There will be no more version changes, only real updates that promise maximum security and increase employee productivity.

Windows 10 at a Glance

Bye-bye Version Change

Windows 10 is virtually the final operating system from Microsoft. Those who have completed the change work with an up-to-date, secure, and modern operating system and at the same time have more choice and flexibility in the updates. Classic elements, modern features and apps ensure guaranteed user acceptance.

IT Management Made Easy

Windows 10 comes with many tools for easy management. These include mobile device management, flexible update and support options, and data protection functions. They continuously monitor and modernize. Complex complete conversions, which demand a lot from users and administrators, are no longer necessary.

Perfectly Secure

Windows Defender can detect attacks, adapt to changing threats, deploy new defenses, and coordinate remediation efforts. It's deeply integrated with Windows 10, Office, and Azure, to give you the visibility you need. Learn more about Windows Defender ATP.

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