Protect. Track down. Respond.

More Security with Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP)

Precaution is good, but only after-care complements the protection. With cyber-attacks becoming more sophisticated, the tools must also be in place to detect the attacks and secure the evidence. Tools that adapt to changing threats, deploy new defenses, and coordinate remediation efforts. Windows Defender ATP can help. Deeply integrated with Windows 10, it provides the necessary visibility and management of analytics and countermeasures.

Windows Defender ATP at a Glance

Investigate and respond to attacks

Windows Defender ATP helps detect, investigate, and respond to attacks and data breaches faster.

Recognizing the unrecognizable

Detect attacks and zero-day exploits using advanced behavioral analysis and machine learning.

Determination of the damage

Visually review data for your endpoints to quickly determine what damage has been done.

Interactive pursuing

Search up to 6 months old data of your endpoints in no time at all.

Reaction and damage limitation

Respond quickly to limit damage caused by an attack and prevent recurrence.

This can be Microsoft Graph

Data from an additionally integrated Office 365 ATP subscription is captured and integrated into the search, enabling you to track and respond to attacks.

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