Microsofts Collaboration Tools

Yammer enables a company's employees to communicate with each other in a secure closed network, exchange and share data and information, as well as contact business partners. As part of Office 365 Groups, a group is created in the background to bundle services and content. One of the most important functions for Yammer users is the ability to access SharePointdocument directories.

Yammer, Groups & SharePoint at a Glance

Use Social Network

The trend of social networks is gaining momentum in companies - with Yammer. Distributing information, having it voted on, making announcements, throwing questions into the crowd, likening, and sharing. Communication and interaction within your company as well as with outsiders becomes more direct, easier and more spontaneous.

Work Together Better

With all the variety of tools, it's good to know that in the end all the data is in the Office 365 Tenant. This puts you on the safe side when it comes to security and compliance. An Office 365 Group can be easily created and automatically equips a workgroup with a variety of tools: shared Exchange account, SharePoint page, OneDrive and Teams.

Bundling Central Information

Microsoft SharePoint offers a central platform for the exchange of documents and information within the company, with partners, customers and suppliers. Thanks to the powerful search function, company knowledge can be retrieved with a single click. Forms, workflows and mobile apps support the digital process.