Senior Consultant Azure | Finnland
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I work as a senior consultant in the Azure department. I spend most of my days together with customers in varying projects and aside to that I lead the development of gk-gab Azure Foundation product, run trainings on anything related to Azure, DevOps or Infrastructure as a Code practice and participate in the internal process development.

That is why I chose glueckkanja-gab

I was recruited by gk-gab (GAB Exactly IT back then) shortly after our family had moved to Germany, leaving our home country Finland behind. Changing to a new employer at the time we were still settling down was definitely not an easy decision to make but having former colleagues in the company and the opportunity for being a part of building a practice around the Azure technology was too tempting to turn down. And looking back the 1,5 years I have been at gk-gab, I'm happy to have made the right decision.

That's what I value most about the company:

This is hard one to pick, as there are so many good things about the company, but if I get to name only one, I would say it is the freedom and the trust placed on the employees to make the right choices and decisions in their daily work.

This is what working at gk-gab is all about:

Working at gk-gab is all about working with cool solutions together with fantastic colleagues. Coming from an international company to gk-gab where I'm only one of the few non-german speaking employees felt daunting at first, but I was pleasantly surprised how quickly I was able to slot in as a part of the company and how fast and well the non-german speakers are taken as a part of the group.

This is special about our corporate culture:

What I really appreciate in the corporate culture is gk-gab is the openness and that everyone will have their voices heard, whether it is about the daily work, organizing the work or technology choices for specific problems, and that employees are trusted to make right decisions by themselves. All that boils down to kind and inclusive atmosphere, and should you ever need help or would like to pick someone's brain, there's always someone to listen or to spar you regardless of the topic at hand.

This is what motivates me the most in my day-to-day work at GK-GAB:

Using the latest technologies and methodologies to provide value for our customers is what motivates in my day-to-day work. There are not many moments more satisfying for the engineering nerd in me than seeing a solution you have been working on through the stages from design to implementation being brought into use solving a real customer problem.

My tip for starting with us:

Be open and communicative from the day one. Your voice and opinions will be heard, and it will allow you to find your spot within the group in the form you'd like to have it.

A day in my life - professionally as well as privately:

A typical working day starts with one of the kids, or a bright morning sunshine, waking me up from sleep. One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is that you get to spend plenty of time together as a family in the mornings as there's no commuting to do.

I tend to start my work from going through emails or catching up with latest discussions on Teams before first meetings, which depending on the day can be a daily with a customer or an internal team meeting to catch up with colleagues to plan the week ahead.

The rest of the working day consists of a mix of customer work in the form meetings and developing solutions for their infrastructure needs, internal product or process development and community activities. None of the working days are the same and that is one of the reasons I love my job. On one day I could be working elbow-deep with infrastructure code and on the very next one running a full day workshop with a customer.

Maintaining a healthy work life balance is crucial for keeping up with the pace in the todays IT world and having 2 small active kids in the family certainly helps with that. Nature has been always important part of our lives, and more often than not our spare times are spent enjoying the local parks, doing hikes or bicycle trips in the surrounding areas. My own time, if there's any left :) at the end of the day, I spend typically on running shoes, cycling or just relaxing and watching some tv series or gaming with consoles or PC.