Migrate to the Cloud
Prepare your digital processes for the leap to the cloud

Migrate to the cloud

Are you ready for the challenges of tomorrow? We'll help you figure out and collaborate on which workloads to migrate to Azure and which method to use.

Migrate to the Cloud
Your checklist

What is important during migration

With cloud migration, you move your digital processes to the cloud. It requires a lot of preparation and groundwork, but results in cost savings, greater flexibility and more security. In fact, there is no universal concept for planning a migration strategy. For a successful migration, it is therefore necessary to evaluate the existing workloads and assess whether it is technically possible to migrate the workload and what dependencies exist with other workloads. For this, we recommend performing an assessment of the existing infrastructure in advance.

How do I assess my workloads and set the next IT priorities?
How do I ensure that my business continues to run without interruptions?
Should I reconsider operating for my own data center given resource and financial constraints?
How can I protect my network and assets from attackers?
How do I invest properly so I'm better positioned for the future?
How can I ensure that my employees adapt to the steep learning curve of new technologies?
Msft Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Developing the cloud strategy &
    the governance concept
    Developing the cloud strategy &
    the governance concept
    We analyze your existing infrastructure and develop an individual strategy and roadmap together with you. In doing so, we take into account the 6R's as part of the migration strategy and use the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure, which provides various tools, documentation and best practices.
  • Building the landing zone &
    planning the migration
    Building the landing zone &
    planning the migration
    We build your cloud landing zone using our exclusive Azure Foundation Blueprint. Infrastructure-as-Code Deployment guarantees you a fast implementation and highest quality here. The results from the first phase are incorporated into the construction of your cloud infrastructure. We implement security and governance requirements directly in the platform. Built-in controls such as policies and automation replace outdated and costly processes and workflows.
  • Migration execution &
    iterative optimization
    Migration execution &
    iterative optimization
    We start with the assessment workshop. Here we develop a migration strategy for a secure and smooth data migration during ongoing operations so that there is no downtime. Pilot applications are identified and the migration is started. This is continuously monitored and optimized.